NEW!! Encirca – Fertility

Encirca Yield Fertility gives you more control. Nutrient inputs are a significant investment. And when you take a blanket approach to application you inevitably over, or under apply limiting the return on your nutrient budget.

Encirca Yield Fertility provides an easy way for growers to visualize the precise impact different input levels will have on both fertility levels and cost, on a per-acre basis. This valuable service helps you maximize return on your nutrient investment — and boost crop yields — without wasting valuable resources.


Encirca – Yield

The Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service is based on our strong agronomic expertise, combined with strategic partnerships that redefine soils and crop modeling. Fueled by an exclusive hyper-local weather network we help you increase profitability through real-time actionable insights and field-by-field recommendations from fall application through pollination.

Encirca – Stand

Encirca Yield Stand is a service that provides you with the information to make decisions that can help maximize early season yield potential. Encirca Yield Stand Service works together with the Encirca Yield Nitrogen Management Service to maximize productivity across your operation.

Encirca – View

Encirca View makes it easy to record, organize, and share crop observations. Using a convenient mobile app, your notes are automatically geo-referenced, so you can pinpoint improvements and layer information field by field.

  • My View can toggle between years to see historical trends, helping inform decisions year to year.
  • Community View provides real-time information on crop conditions, growth stages, and soil moisture updated daily by thousands of people literally in the field.

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