GMO Corn:

A scouting program that will help the grower manage their fields during critical periods of corn development during a growing season. This will help the grower make timely decisions that should improve plant health, and increase yield potential.

Scouting times:

  • Crop emergence (disease, bugs, proper stand)
  • V3-V4 (weed control)
  • V6-V8 (side dress time)
  • Pollination (bugs)
  • Grain Fill (fungus, disease, bugs)
  • Black Layer/Yield Estimates

Non GMO Corn:

A more intensive weekly/biweekly scouting program that include monitoring corn fields during critical corn plant periods (see above) and in between those stages to provide growers knowledge that will help drive decisions, improve plant health, and increase yield potential.

GMO/Non-GMO Soybeans:

A scouting program tailored to monitor soybean growth during plant establishment, early (through V3), mid (late growth-R2) and late seasons (pod fill-maturity); critical time periods, and during regional outbreaks (insects, disease).

Facts On Scouting:

  • Only 13 unpollinated kernels per ear equate to a 5-bu./acre loss (silk clipping)
  • Nebraska research finds delaying weed control costs farmers 2% in yield for every leaf stage of delay in corn and soybeans.
  • 6-8’ weeds can grow by .7 inches per day, and effect yield by 1.5% per day
  • One larva per plant tunneling in a stalk may reduce yield up to:
    • 5-8% pre-tassel
    • 2-5% post-tassel

Leaf damage from insects slows photosynthesis: reducing plant health, slowing plant growth, ear development, pollination, and effecting yield.

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